In this course you will explore how to take an inclusive approach to teaching music in your setting. You will consider how to ensure that your lessons and activities are accessible to pupils with SEND, how to promote cultural diversity within your curriculum or syllabus, and how to adopt an ‘adaptive teaching’ approach to ensure that all your pupils are able to fulfil their potential.

This course will will take you through the process of designing an effective, sequential, and progressive music curriculum. You will consider how to develop a vision for music, and how to keep this ‘big picture’ in mind when creating the fine detail of your curriculum. You will also learn how to ensure that your curriculum develops all the different types of musical knowledge, as well as how to plan content which reflects the cultural backgrounds represented in your school community and the wider world.

On this course you will explore how to create and implement a music development plan for your school or setting. You will consider how to create your big-picture vision, link your plan to important accountability measures, and plan the detail without losing sight of your overarching aims.

This course is not specific to a particular curriculum, and is suitable for educators working anywhere in the world. However, it will reference the National Plan for Music Education in England, as music development planning is a key part of this initiative.

This course covers everything you need to know about leading singing in a secondary (11-18) setting. It includes the latest research into the impact of singing in schools, advice on developing a culture of singing, video tutorials on singing and conducting techniques, advice on selecting repertoire, using singing to support the curriculum, and how to start, maintain, and improve a choir.

This course will help you to promote positive behavior, and deal with inappropriate and challenging behavior in a music education setting. The course is suitable for anyone teaching any type of music in any setting.   

This course covers the theory of how children and young people learn musically, and what music educators can do to support and develop this learning. The course is suitable for music teachers working in any context.