This course is designed for non-specialists teaching music as an extra subject at KS3. This course will help you understand basic musical concepts, and will give you the skills and knowledge to teach music with confidence.

This programme aims to provide tools to support teachers in developing a thriving music department and delivering a high quality curriculum appropriate to their local context. It is suitable for anyone teaching music in a secondary school, anywhere in the world, but will be of particular relevance to those who are currently leading a department, or working towards their first head of department role.

On this course you will reflect on how you learned music yourself and how this impacts on the way that you teach it. You will be challenged to consider how your current KS3 curriculum is balanced between formal, informal and non formal approaches to music teaching to ensure that all kinds of musical learners can be both engaged and challenged by what is on offer. You will also explore the balance between different approaches to music learning to identify what aligns with the needs of your students, your beliefs and values about music education and the requirement to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum at KS4.